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    Electric Car Rally

    Electric Car Rally

    Presented by Monterey County Business Council

    September 24, 2011

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    An exciting yearly event organized by the Silicon Valley Electric Auto Association that will bring together 50 company-manufactured, handmade, and converted electric vehicles with the purpose of educating the public about electric vehicles through test rides and conversations with their owners. The event will take place September 24th at Palo Alto High School.

    The following vehicles and manufacturer are expected:

    Chevrolet Volt: General Motors manufactured plug-in extended range vehicle.

    Nissan Leaf: Nissan Japan manufactured battery electric vehicle.

    Coda Automotive: Santa Monica based EV manufacturer with deliveries in 2011.

    Tesla Roadster: Palo Alto based EV manufacturer; based on the Lotus Elise.

    Toyota Plug-in Prius: Short distance powered by electricity and based on Prius.

    Ford Ranger EV: Ford manufactured the Ranger EV from 1998 – 2002.

    Toyota RAV4-EV: Toyota manufactured the RAV4 EV from 1997 – 2003.

    Numerous conversions including: Porsche 968, Honda Civic, Mazda Miata, and other converted EVs are also expected. Come test-ride electric bikes and scooters from a variety of vendors, and ride along with EV owners. Solar power installers and organizations focused on helping everyone keep the air cleaner will also attend to share the advantages of powering your vehicles with clean energy. Food and drink will be available.

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        Admission is Free!

        Info Phone: (503)-770-0154

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        September 24, 2011


        10 a.m. to 4 p.m

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