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    Book Launch Party at Museum of Monterey for Mystic Adventures in Big Sur Trilogy

    Book Launch Party at Museum of Monterey for Mystic Adventures in Big Sur Trilogy

    Presented by Brickman Marketing at Museum of Monterey

    May 5, 2013

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    A special “Mystic Adventures in Big Sur” Book Launch Party for the debut of J.W. Winslow’s Big Sur Trilogy. The event celebrates the release of the Big Sur Trilogy that introduces Winslow’s latest book, Jade Beach (Mystic Adventures in Big Sur) Volume III. The new book joins Jade Beach (Mystic Adventures in Big Sur) Volume II and series opener Jasmine Dogs(Mystic Adventures in Big Sur) Volume I. Guests will also be treated to a first look at the new enhanced eBook of Volume III with 50 special links of music and visual beauty. About J.W. Winslow’s Mystic Adventures in Big Sur Book Launch Party ~ The Big Sur Trilogy, delivered with a custom slipcover, will be available for the book signing, as well as the individual copies of Jasmine Dogs, Jade Beach Volume II and the new Volume III J.W. Winslow will perform a reading in the theater followed by Q&A , and featuring the cover art from Big Sur’s own Erin Lee Gafill. Guests will savor the fabulous Hahn Family Wines and Chef Janet Melac’s unique Small Green Bites (it’s not only Cinco de Mayo , but J.W. is a green publisher).

    The celebration debuts the beautiful retrospective of J.W. Winslow’s paintings called DYANNA’S COLLECTION, which will be on display in the Marine Gallery area next to the lobby. There will be demos of the enhanced e-books on an iPad Mini, with instructions on how to access all features. Twenty Nine pieces of music written by local guitar legend Tom Ayres for the books will be introduced during the celebration! The new suite of music will be available for download at, along with all three enhanced e-books!

    Tom Ayres and J.W. Winslow are planning a MYSTIC ADVENTURES IN BIG SUR show in the Fall, to perform the music and words from the BIG SUR TRILOGY!

    About Mystic Adventures in Big Sur

    Love, death, nature, and Hollywood all play a major role in the exciting trilogy, Mystic Adventures in Big Sur, penned by J.W. Winslow, the daughter of screen legend Dick Winslow. Winslow, an internationally-respected artist who hosts a California-based television show about the art world, was inspired in her writings by real-life events and insights to create a dynamic heroine, Dyanna Falconer. Her powerful character is a world-traveling screenwriter who separates lust from love in order to find her soul mate while healing from a near-death accident.

    The author writes in the tradition of Carmel’s legendary artists of the 20th century and fashions herself as a Bohemian Chic Renaissance woman. As a writer/artist/poet, Winslow has crafted a trilogy filled with adventure in the fast-paced, cut-throat world of Hollywood and the mystical, nurturing, beautiful escape of Big Sur.

    The tale of Jasmine Dogs: Mystic Adventures in Big Sur (Vol. 1) and Jade Beach: Mystic Adventures in Big Sur (Vol. II and III) reveals one of self-discovery amidst tragedy, murder, sexual conquests, and the testing of the bonds of friendship and family. Her sweeping story takes us to Paris, Sicily, Los Angeles, and New York, but it always returns to the magical allure of the California coast.

    “Everything is not what it seems in my books,” reveals Winslow. “I tackle some lofty subjects – love and war between the sexes and the eternal struggle for power between men and women; money as an aphrodisiac and tool in business and love; the struggles of single women in the business world; the trappings of fame; the power of sex and the influence of beauty on others; the sweetness of revenge and the glory of redemption, and the surprises of death and the power of loss.”

    The books feature many themes:

    • How a strong-minded, successful woman can mistake passionate sex for true love.
    • How a woman can be wild, carefree, even reckless – and find true happiness.
    • The role privacy – or a lack of it – plays in the social lives of celebrities.
    • How one overcomes the loss of a close love or friend.
    • How our surroundings can heal or poison us.
    • How greed can push people to do violent or crazy things.
    • How you really can’t change the essence of who someone is.

    “The reader comes to appreciate that manipulation and scheming to get your way is dangerous and deadly,” says Winslow.

    Winslow’s character-driven, action-filled drama centers around Dyanna, who recovers from the tragic death of her fiancée while being romanced by his best friend (Jacob), a billionaire playboy who bankrolls her films. She is ambushed by a catastrophic accident, plunging 400 feet off a cliff but miraculously is nursed back to health by Native Americans in a secret cave, tended to by a doctor (Hawk) that she secretly longs for. Meanwhile others are plotting against her and Jacob -- not to mention the pesky paparazzi that follow Dyanna – leaving her to live out a soap opera-like life. The story’s climax surprises readers with an ending that spurs a new beginning.

    The series of books provides a multi-media experience. A musical score is composed by Monterey native-turned-New Yorker Tom Ayres. The cover art for the books was created by Big Sur artist Erin Lee Gafill, depicting the beautiful vistas of the coast. Photographic images also bring the beauty of Big Sur to the reader. There are links to Web cameras and digital content for further exploration. Winslow’s Fresh Art Green books are printed on recycled components, including the cover and book pages, using soy ink, and linseed binding glue. In addition to an e-book version, there is also an audio book edition read by Winslow, who draws on her acting experience to deliver a passionate rendition.

    About J.W. Winslow

    J.W. Winslow, the daughter of actor Dick Winslow, is a creative talent in her own right. She has been active in the artistic community for several decades as an artist, writer, poet, and green publisher. Her latest books, a trilogy entitled Mystic Adventures in Big Sur, debut May, 2013. Jasmine Dogs (Vol. I) and Jade Beach (Vol.II and III) collectively engage the reader with a powerful depiction inside the life of a Hollywood screenwriter, where murder, lust, a near-death accident, love, and nature take center stage. J.W. Winslow resides in Pebble Beach, California. For more information, please consult: You can also see:

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        Museum of Monterey

        5 Custom House Plaza
        Monterey, CA 93940

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        May 5, 2013


        1:00 PM

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