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    Organization City  
    Alliance Fran├žaise Monterey  Carmel   
    ARIEL Theatrical   Salinas   
    Aromas Hills Artisans  Aromas   
    Arts Council for Monterey County  Carmel   
    Arts Habitat  Carmel   
    Big Sur Advocates for a Green Environment  Big Sur   
    Big Sur Chanterelle  Big Sur   
    Brickman Marketing  Monterey   
    Cabrillo College Extension Ed2Go     
    Carmel Academy of Performing Arts     
    Center for Photographic Art  Carmel   
    Central Coast Small Business Development Center     
    Citizens for Sustainable Marina  Marina   
    Community Palette  Carmel   
    CSUMB Small Business Development Center  Gonzales,    
    Dan O'Brien     
    First Night Monterey  Monterey   
    Foundation for Monterey County Free Libraries  Salinas   
    Gallery Apodaca  Carmel   
    Gallery Diamante  Carmel   

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