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    Adela Castillo


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    By Adela Castillo At the whirlwind of time and the unannounced movement of the soul in the path of love, of sorrow, of happiness, of tenderness, of passion and dreams; the heart deifying it all writes its journey purely. It can write in lonely fragments, in fragments filled with tenderness speaking to the loved one, in fragments carrying deep tears like the ocean, in fragments that sound like the rainfall on the rooftop. Each soul has its own journey written in these fragments, in verses. The soul learns to write with the only ink that life bestows on each day with every experience, with every dream, with every feeling and effort. My journey written in such fragments begun in Mexicali, Mexico where I was born; with the flavor of evenings filled with the restless aroma of baked bread from the bakeries and the appetizing foods from the restaurants and the flowers from the gardens, saying goodbye to the sunset. I dreamed as a young girl with love. The love of my blue prince. All my fantasies spilled over each day but especially during the quiet nights where I loved to create adventures and stories of love in my inner world. Love inspired me to write one day a love letter to a young boy who lived next door. My brother found my letter which then ended up on my father’s hands, who as the guardian of the family honor ,uttered the final sentence of sending me to bed without eating dinner that day as punishment for such anonymous transgression of love. My first poem written in the imaginary fragment of finding love at 15 was entitled “Impossible Love”. I wrote it to a student in my class whom I fell in love with the shyness of an ever unanswered love. This poem came from the painful depths of something that was impossible. As it happens this poem has never been published in any of my books. Love continues calling me each day. It dares me to live life fully like I dreamed when I was a young girl. It has taken me through paths that I never imagined. Now days writing my journey in fragments filled with feelings has been engraved in books, presentations, events, poetry web portals and more so in my own dreams. Poetry has been my fountain, my hope, my strength and my life since always. I am a woman in fullness living by the side of a verse and waiting for the moment to write it down and begin to live again. Biographical Information: Resident of Salinas, CA Family: Dennis Castillo, husband; sons Dennis and Irvin. Published Works: Mundo Mío (World of Mine) – 2003 – Editorial La Quimera, Argentina Paisajes Internos (Inner Landscapes)– 2005 – Editorial La Quimera, Argentina Antología Sueños Compartidos (Anthology of Shared Dreams) – 2007, Editorial Orbis, Modesto CA Antologia Bosque de Suspiros Solo Amor (Love Only) – 2009 – Editorial Orbis – Modesto CA Rebelde – Palibrio Publisher, IL Works published in magazines: El Tianguis – Salinas CA El Avisador – Okland CA La Bamba – Salinas CA Conéctate – Salinas El Aguila – San Jose CA Books available at: Centro Cultural Steinbeck – Salinas CA Palibrio - - Barnes & Noble – Bokus.vom - e-bay - Editioral Orbiss Press - Poetry Portal: Facebook Twitter Instigram Literary events: Noche Bohemia (yearly)– Salinas CA Noche Bohemia(Yearly) – Yuma Arizona Viernes de Bohemia – Phoenix, Arizona Peña Cultural (Monthly) – Salinas CA Feria Internacional del libro – Ensenada, BC, Mexico Poetas Migrantes - San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora

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        Adela Castillo

        19 Lombard Cir
        Salinas, Ca 93901

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