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    All Saint's Episcopal Church

    All Saints' is named for countless ordinary and extraordinary people who have encountered God’s love in Jesus Christ and desire to share that love. Our Episcopal heritage roots us in traditions of wisdom and worship that are both ancient and ever new. Prayer, study, and fellowship equip us to share Christ’s love with each other, with visitors, and with those in need. In our parish church in the heart of Carmel-by-the-Sea, and at our missions of All Saints’ Day School, Santa Lucia Chapel and Campgrounds (Big Sur) and Epiphany Lutheran and Episcopal Church (Marina) we aim to follow the way of love revealed in Jesus Christ, knowing that saints are not without sin or shortcomings, but are those who strive to love God and neighbor. We are enthusiastic about our faith, as we remain respectful of others, and our embrace of Jesus’ good news is open to the Holy Spirit who brings unity out of the diversity that is the gift of human life. We are proud of our past and we are in an exciting time of renewal and growth. We invite you to join our adventure into God’s future.

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